Valley Pain Care Centers

The specialized division of Anesthesia Associates dedicated to comprehensive pain management

Comprehensive Pain Management for Patients

The practice of anesthesiology is often considered to be simply “rendering patients unconscious.” This, however, is far from what the specialty itself embraces. While rendering patients unconscious in the form of general anesthesia for surgery or with certain techniques for sedation, anesthesiology practitioners are actually highly trained in understanding and treating pain and in managing crucial physiological functions during various surgical and invasive procedures, during childbirth, and in critical and intensive care settings . In fact the specialty of anesthesiology arouse out of the need to control pain so that surgical and dental procedures could be comfortably performed.

Today a variety of practitioners treat pain but anesthesiology practitioners, by the very nature of their specialty, are truly specialists in pain management. Not only do they have a comprehensive understanding of human pain but they are also highly experienced in injection therapies for pain and in the safe management of high dose pain relieving medications.

Pain is very personal. No patient has exactly the same experience. Your struggles may be the result of an injury, stress, disease, age, or another medical condition. As such, no single treatment will adequately resolve every need. That’s why Valley Pain Care Centers offer a broad range of pain management services. Whether you need help targeting specific symptoms or you want a more holistic and functional medicine approach, our experienced team of practitioners can help.

Valley Pain Care Centers is the non-surgical comprehensive pain management division of Anesthesia Associates. Not only are all of our non-surgical anesthesiology pain practitioners highly trained and experienced in conventional medical pain management, but they also seek to keep abreast of such leading edge diagnostic and treatment changes as functional medicine in the overall approach to disease, pain, suffering, and health.

Valley Pain Care Centers are located in DeKalb, Spring Valley, Sandwich, and Aurora, Illinois. We’re affiliated with various hospitals to make your pain management convenient and to provide the best possible environment for holistic treatment that relies on our multi-modal approach. To find the Valley Pain Care Center closest to you and contact us, click here.